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I love animals and it is a site for you that like animals, and help them. If you are going to adopt a pet,opt to adopt abandoned animals, save a life.If you can, help shelters and donate to spay and neuter too. See too:Bastet 2


Manuel Bandeira (1886 - 1968)

Garden of a bourgeois little lodge. Cats laze to the sun. The grass besieges the flat seedbeds. The sun has finished to parch the boninas that had withered. The sunflowers yellow! they resist. And the dahlias, thickseted, plebeians, of sunday. A little cat pidles. With gestures of a waiter of Restaurant-Palace It hides the little piss carefully. Go way, shaking with elegance the small right paw - It is the only fine creature in the bourgeois little lodge.


Jorge Luis Borges (1899, 1986)

TO A CAT: The mirrors are neither quieter nor more furtive the adventurous dawn; you are, under the moon, that panther that is given to us to discern far away. By an indecipherable work of a divine decrete we look for you in vain; yours is the Solitude of your secret. Your back condescends to a weak caress of my hand. You have admitted, from that eternity, that already is forgetful, the love of the distrustful hand. You are the owner of a closed scope, as a dream.


Marcellus Bear Heart Williams (1918-?)

Oh, Great Spirit, we come to you with love and gratitude for all living things. We now pray especially for our relatives in the wilderness — the four-legged, the winged, those that live in the waters, and those that crawl upon the land. Bless them that they might continue to live in freedom and enjoy their right to be wild. Fill our hearts with tolerance, appreciation, and respect for all living things so that we all might live together in harmony and peace.




Bastet - Cats and Religions

In old Egypt there was a goddess with a head of cat named Bastet , also called Bast, Ubasti, Ba-en-Aset or Ailuros (“cat" in Greek). It would be a solar deity with power on the solar eclipses, also it was the goddess of the fertility and protector of the pregnant women. Sometimes was considered another aspect of Sekhmet, having the form of a fierce lioness. Many cats were raised in its temple and when they died were mummified, also mummified mice were put next to them, to be their food.In Greece of 1st century, according the historiator Diodorus Siculus, who killed a cat, even by accident, should be also killed. However in the following centuries the cats had become hated and were tortured and killed as messengers of bad omens. From 13th to 18 th centuries there was the most famous persecution to the cats, the inquisition, instituted by the catholic church. Thousand of people had been legally deceased, burned alive, under witchcraft accusation. The cats had been considered possessors of evil forces and had benn burnt together with its owners. The situation got better in 19th century, and the Pope Lion XIII took his cat, Micette, for the Vatican. Nowadays, is known that Bento XVI has a cats and and pope Francis is a friend of animals and ask people to respect them. We hope that at the end of our century all animals have their deserved respect in all human sectors.

Superstitions and Prejudices

Many bad superstitions are associated to cats and least until nowadays (mainly against the black colored, foolishness that persist until nowadays, too), it is common to our specie associate human values to animals, to judge them unjustly, even so when is about to have cruel behaviors against them, they are only beasts, things without feelings (ie: “the cat is a thief”, when animals does not have our sense of property – “bad dog”, when it has an excessive canine behavior for the owner). Supertitions and prejudice can unleash cruel behaviors and limit the human comprehension. There is a text by the writer Hilda Hilst, where she comments the fact that we are not able by ourselves to know the human being; she cites as somebody,( who she supposed to be a cat lover) told her with total indifference that had killed its “dear” pussies blowing them with a cudgel. People never know anything about the other… Its worth to remember that Hilda Hilst, in life, also was a victim of prejudice for being very advanced in ideas for its time. So, never judge, or say you hate some alive being, without before having a true and continuous experience with “the target” in question. Try not limit your reasoning.






It's Dangerous!


Try to observe what is dangerous for your pet inside and outside home. Poisons, doors and winds, buckets, animals and things, traps, plants, kids and cruel people. Drugs are an enigma, acetilsalicilic can be fatal, but two drops of dipyrone doesn't cause big damages, so ask always your veterinary about drugs. You should have activated vegetable charcoal/carbon vegetal, it is an antidote for poisons and chemicals products overdous (buy it in human drugstores). Food cans are fatal for animals, they can die traped and sufocated; try to smash and make a hole in the bottom of them before trow away.

Pee-pee plastic Mat



A good pee-pee place can be done with bath plastic mats tied by wires. Put it inside a tray and attract the cat with its piss in a piece of paper.




Pets health depends on you; observe disease simptoms; a common disease is uretral obstruction, if the cat  is pissing everywhere and has a hard bladder or blood in the urine, take it to the vet soon, it can die in 24hs. Look for lung and skin diseases too. Fleas in cats are not like in dogs, beware about the drugs. Food can be good or bad for your pet, never give it your "junk food". Some pets like fruits (never avocado) and germinated trigo leafs. Fitoterapy is a good option too, Peumus boldus (for liver) and Costus spicatus (for uretral obstruction) small leaves in the water sometimes are good; but always ask the vet about your pet health.